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Jakes Earned a Career-Best Start of Fourth for Detroit Dual 1; Rahal Qualified 14th But Will Serve a 10-Grid Penalty for an Unapproved Engine Change

Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit – Raceway at Belle Isle Park
IZOD IndyCar Series
QUALIFYING NOTES/QUOTES for DUAL 1 – Friday, May 31, 2013


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Rahal and Jakes Return to the Streets of Belle Isle for the Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit

Pre-Race Notes
Chevrolet Indy Duel in Detroit – Raceway at Belle Isle Park
Round 6 and 7 of 19 in the 2013 IZOD IndyCar Series
DATE:                                           May 31 – June 2, 2013
QUALIFYING BROADCAST:       None; LIVE on (timing & scoring with audio commentary)
RACE BROADCAST:                   Live on Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2 – both at 3:30 p.m.  ET on ABC
RADIO BROADCAST:                  The race will air on IMS Radio Network, XM channel 94 & Sirius channel 212
TRACK LAYOUT:                         2.36-mile, 13-turn temporary street course
RACE LENGTH:                            70 laps / 164.22 miles (each race) 
2012 WINNER:                              Scott Dixon
2012 POLESITTER:                      Scott Dixon (1:10.5036; 2.07 mile layout)
STREET START/FINISH:              Pole at St. Pete (street) 2009 / 1st at St. Pete in 2008
START/FINISH:                             6th / 13th – both in 2008; will be his third start here
STREET START/FINISH:              8th at Motegi (road) in 2011 / 8th at Toronto (street) in 2012
START/FINISH:                             25th / 23rd (DNF; mechanical) – both in 2012; will be second start here
FINISH AT DETROIT:                    2nd / 1st – both in 1992 by Bobby Rahal in the inaugural Belle Isle event
The Chevrolet Indy Duel in Detroit will mark the IZOD IndyCar Series’ fourth visit to Detroit, and it’s second since 2008. The Motor City hosted Indy car racing from 1989-91 in Downtown Detroit. The race moved to Belle Isle Park from 1992-2001 and 2007-2008 and returned in 2012.  
The 2013 event will mark the 14th year for Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing (RLL) to compete at the Raceway at Belle Isle Park.  The team’s highest start of second place and highest finish of first in the event came in the inaugural running on Belle Isle in 1992 by Bobby Rahal.  In total, the team has earned two podiums (Max Papis 2000 – 2nd), three top-five finishes and nine top-10’s here (chart available). Prior to 2013, the team prepared a total of 21 entries for drivers such as Bobby Rahal (1992-1998), Mike Groff (1993-94), Raul Boesel (1995), Bryan Herta (1996-99), Max Papis (1999-2001), Kenny Brack (2000-01), Ryan Hunter-Reay (2007-08) and Takuma Sato (2012).  Last year Sato qualified 12th and was sixth when he hit a curb that wrenched the steering wheel from his hands and retired in 20th place after he hit the wall.  The No. 15 Midas / Big O Tires entry for Graham Rahal and the No. 16 Acorn Stairlifts entry for James Jakes will bring that total to 23 in 2013.
Bobby Rahal competed in downtown Detroit from 1989-1991 with two second place finishes to his credit.  When the series moved to Belle Isle, he won the inaugural event in 1992 and went on to compete there through 1998.  In total, he competed in Detroit 10 times (three downtown, seven on Belle Isle) with one win (1992), three podiums (2nd – 1990, 1991), four top five finishes and five top-10’s. A chart is available upon request.
The Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit will mark the first of three doubleheaders on the 2013 IZOD IndyCar Series schedule. The series will race a pair of 70-lap races Saturday and Sunday on the 2.36-mile temporary street circuit, posing a unique challenge for IZOD IndyCar Series drivers and teams. In addition, SONAX will offer a $50,000 bonus to any driver who can win both races through the SONAX Perfect Finish Award.
            “There are a lot of challenges for the teams and drivers physically, however I feel its nothing but positive for the fans,” said Rahal. “I really hope they all enjoy the show we will put on, and most of all feel they are getting their moneys worth. It will be a very demanding and physically tiring weekend, but I am up for the challenge.”
The event will be Graham’s third here.  He qualified seventh with Service Central Chip Ganassi Racing in 2012 but had a 10-grid penalty for an unapproved engine change and started 17.  He was eighth when he made his final stop on Lap 45/60 but during the red flag to repair the track, a clutch problem surfaced and he was unable to continue and retired in 19th place. In 2008 he drove for Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing and progressed to the Firestone Fast Six in qualifying for the first time in his series career and qualified sixth.  The team chose the same pit strategy as then race leader Dixon which almost worked but a late race fourth caution botched the plan and he had to stop for a splash of fuel with three laps to go and dropped to 13th. Rahal hopes to earn his second podium finish of the season in Detroit after a second place finish in Round 3 at Long Beach.
            “We had a great race, marched through the field, passed a ton of cars, but unfortunately the clutch failed under the red flag therefore we couldn’t get it restarted and fell to the back,” recalled Rahal. “It was very frustrating as we were extremely quick last year!”
The 2013 event will be his second here.  He qualified 25th at Belle Isle last year with Dale Coyne Racing and had gained seven spots by Lap 14 before a problem surfaced and he retired in 23rd due to mechanical failure.
                “Last years race was very short lived. I had a brake master cylinder problem and stopped early into the race. I did struggle a little bit with the track, with learning it and figuring out which was the best way to get around so I’m hoping to improve that this weekend.”
“It’s always a tough circuit because of the mix of high and low speed corners, as well as the various different types of asphalt,” said Rahal. “Detroit has always typically been very bumpy, although by the sounds of it Roger has done a tremendous job to repave a lot of the circuit. Its one of the toughest, highest commitment street circuits we go to.”
                “It’s a fun track to drive,” added Jakes. “It will be nice to be back on a street course after spending such a long time on an oval. We were competitive in Long Beach and obviously Brazil so hopefully we can get a good result in Detroit.  We’ve shown good pace on a number of occasions and it has been frustrating not to capitalize on it but we are close. We will be pushing as hard as ever. I am looking forward to it.”
“We want to run up front, there is no reason we can’t, and I think this team is up for the challenge,” said Rahal. “We know we need to improve and now is a good time to score a lot of points. We are looking forward to the next four weeks in a row, and this is the start of it all!”
“I have heard nothing but good things, and I think this new circuit will really improve the passing zones and opportunities. For us with a 10 place grid penalty for the first race it will be somewhat of a challenge, but by the sounds of it we should be able to pass our way forward if need be.”
                “We know there have been improvements and I can’t wait to check them out,” said Jakes.  “It was very bumpy last year and obviously the setup was quite crucial. They have repaved areas and extended the straight so it will be nice to check it out.”
RLL made an unapproved engine change on the No. 15 entry for the Indy 500 and will be assessed a 10-grid penalty for Race 1 in Detroit. Rahal is hopeful that he can move to the front like he did in Long Beach where he finished second after starting 11th.
                “It certainly makes the road ahead more difficult; however we have started from the back and marched forward before. I feel strongly that our team and our cars should excel in Detroit. I am looking forward to what’s ahead of us.”

– RLL –

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Jakes Led Five Laps But a Pit Penalty Led to a 20th Place Indy 500 Finish; Rahal Was 9th When a Pit Problem Occurred and Contact Later Resulted in a 25th Place Finish

Indianapolis 500 – Indianapolis Motor Speedway
IZOD IndyCar Series
RACE DAY NOTES/QUOTES — Sunday, May 26, 2013


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Rahal and Jakes are Ready to Compete in the Indy 500 After Strong Carb Day Runs

Indianapolis 500 – Indianapolis Motor Speedway
IZOD IndyCar Series
CARB DAY NOTES/QUOTES — Friday, May 24, 2013

1)         Simon Pagenaud                  225.827 mph / 39.8536          41 laps
7)         James Jakes                          224.622 mph / 40.0674          39 laps
23)       Graham Rahal                       223.307 mph / 40.3033          35 laps
GRAHAM RAHAL, No. 15 Midas / Big O Tires Dallara/Honda/Firestone:  “The Midas / Big O Tires car feels pretty good. I’m pleased with where we’re at – handling wise. In traffic, it felt pretty comfortable. We will keep working at it. I don’t think we’re far off at all.  Now it’s just a matter of going racing in the biggest race of the year.”

  • FAST FACTS: Will be his sixth Indy 500 and he will start 26th in 2013.  He ran in the top-five in four of his five previous races here.  In 2008, with Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing, he was the highest Indy 500 starter of the Champ Car transitioning teams with his 13th place qualifying effort but made contact on L36 after driving high to avoid the slower car of Lloyd and retired in 33rd place.  He qualified fourth for NHLR in the 2009 Indy 500 but made contact on L56 while fifth and retired in 31st. In 2010, he competed for his father’s team – RLL – for the first time in an Indy car. He qualified seventh and ran as high as second but a blocking penalty on L188/200 dropped him from third to a 12th place finish. He qualified 29th with Service Central Chip Ganassi Racing in 2011 and earned his best finish at Indy to date of third place after he led six laps. In 2012, he qualified 12th, ran as high as third and finished 13th for SCCGR… This is Rahal’s first full season at RLL, sixth in the IZOD IndyCar Series and seventh in a top open wheel racing series (CCWS 2007)… His best finish this season is second place in Long Beach and best start is 11th — also in Long Beach… He is 14th in the series point standings with 74.

JAMES JAKES, No. 16 Acorn Stairlifts Dallara/Honda/Firestone:  “We’ve got a great car. The Acorn Stairlifts car has been good all through the latter part of the testing week here and we’re excited about the race. I’d be happy to go out and race right now to be honest. We’ll see what happens on race day. The Honda guys have been back in the shop last week working very hard. We’ve worked hard since we got here and now there are no more setup changes needed. We knew that going in. We may make a slight adjustment here and there but nothing big.”

  • FAST FACTS: Will be his second race here and he will start 20th in 2013. He qualified 17th and finished 15th in 2012. In 2011, he attempted to qualify but the car was not fast enough. Both events were with Dale Coyne Racing… Jakes is competing in his third season in the IndyCar Series and first with RLL. In 31 Indy car starts with Dale Coyne Racing from 2011-2012, his best finish was eighth at Toronto and series-best start of eighth was at Motegi… His best start to date this season is 11th at Barber and best finish is 12th at Long Beach although he had the potential to finish higher in each race… Is ranked 22nd in series standings with 53 points.

RAHAL LETTERMAN LANIGAN RACING AT INDY … The team’s highest start and finish in the event came in 2004 when Buddy Rice won from pole. In addition, the team has earned a total of four podiums (2nd – Meira 2005; 3rd – Rahal 1994, 1995). The team was in contention to win the race as recent as 2011 when Bertrand Baguette led laps 139-140 and laps 189-197 of the 200 lap race. Had a caution come our before Baguette was forced to pit for a splash of fuel, he might have been the victor. The race ultimately ended under caution when JR Hildebrand crashed on the front straight while in the lead on the final lap… The 2013 race will mark the 16th year for the team in the event.  Prior to 2013, the team prepared a total of 28 entries for drivers such as Bobby Rahal (1992-1995), Mike Groff (1994), Raul Boesel (1995), Jimmy Vasser (2002-2003), Kenny Brack (2003, 2005), Buddy Rice (2004, 2006; DNC 2005 due to practice crash), Vitor Meira (2004, 2005), Roger Yasukawa (2004), Danica Patrick (2005, 2006), Jeff Simmons (2006, 2007), Scott Sharp (2007), Ryan Hunter-Reay (2008), Oriol Servia (2009), Graham Rahal (2010), Bertrand Baguette (2011), Jay Howard (2011), Takuma Sato (2012) and Michel Jourdain (2012).  The No. 15 Midas / Big O Tires entry for Graham Rahal and the No. 16 Acorn Stairlifts entry for James Jakes will bring that total to 30 in 2013.
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