RLL Statement on Pending Lawsuit

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (February 28, 2014) – Unhappy with the summary denial of its bid protest before the federal Govern­ment Account­ability Office (GAO) and unwilling to accept that the govern­ment chose to save taxpayers almost $5 million dollars per year by selecting Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s (RLL) compet­i­tive bid, Panther Racing has sued IndyCar, the National Guard’s agency, RLL, and others.

Panther is seeking damages from the National Guard awarding RLL a spon­sor­ship contract for the IndyCar racing series.  The facts and issues Panther raises in the lawsuit are many of the same it raised before the GAO, which issued a 9-page deci­sion noting that RLL was rated higher than Panther in three out of four cate­gories.  The GAO also noted that there was no evidence supporting many of Panther’s alle­ga­tions, and that the National Guard’s deci­sion prob­ably was driven by the basic fact that Panther’s base per year price was approx­i­mately $5 million more than RLL’s base price.  A copy of the GAO’s deci­sion is attached.

RLL believes it is unfor­tu­nate and disap­pointing that Panther has filed a lawsuit making serious alle­ga­tions against the National Guard’s deci­sion process.  RLL also believes that Panther’s lawsuit has no merit as a matter of fact and law.  RLL’s lawyers will vigor­ously defend RLL so it can focus on what matters most — repre­senting the coura­geous men and woman of the National Guard and winning races.

- RLL -